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What are they ?


GPSI KD kits are designed for under roof screen panels, deck enclosures and pool enclosures. They are custom designed and made to fit your area.  This is our least expensive prefabricated system and created with the DIY Customer & Contractors in mind. This is an IKEA  type system complete with everything you need.


The Kits come with a set of drawings with numbered parts & detailed Instructions.


All pieces are pre-cut to exact size, predrilled and numbered matching the drawings.  The screen and spline is cut to size and also marked as to location.  The screen is installed in top of the four frame sides so after they are installed, you roll in the remaining 3 sides.


Much of the Kit is designed to be assembled and screened before you connect the components.  Connected Components form the enclosure. Doors can be pre-hung and ready to install with the door section.


 Who can assemble and install these kits ?


A Handy homeowner or contractor can assemble and install the enclosure in a average of two days or less with two people. All the necessary hardware, screws, and bolts for assembly and installation needed to attach to your specific type of host deck or structure you have are provided.


A complete set of step by step instructions with pictures are included.


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