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Pre-Screened Panel


GPSI created pre-screened panels using the Global 17/20 Super Screen to fit into existing openings for Porches, Patios, Lanais, Gazebos, Arbors and many more applications. We custom fabricate the panels to fit within 3/16" and fit the exact shape of the openings. The average panel takes 20 minutes to install as they come pre-drilled, numbered for location and include all installation screws. We can provide single opening panels up to 90" x 144" with internal supports. We can also install privacy screen or solar block screen from 80%to 95% UV blocking.

Pre-Screened Panels Ready to Install

The GPSI prefabricated panels are Custom made to fit your openings. We can open up your viewing giving you a more open feeling and bringing the outdoors in.

We offer single panels up to 7' x 9' with dividers. But we also offer prescreened panels up to 12' x 10' with a horizontal or vertical frame divider at a level that will not distrub your view.

All panels are made to fit regardless of how square the openings are.

 All of our prefabricated screened panels are pre-drilled and all the necessary screws, bolts or hardware are included to fit the installation host structure.

Insect Screen weaves include 16/14, 17/17, 17/20

and Solar Weaves 80, 90, 95, 95nano and 98% ShadeView

Weather Proof
& Privacy & SUN BARRIER Screens

When an area of your enclosure faces the Hot Glaring Sun or is too close to neighbors we have the answer. We install one of our Solar Block / Privacy screen textiles. You have a very broad range of weaves from 80%, 90%, 95%, 98% and over 18 colors and patterns to choose from. We generally suggest the lighter colors and patterns for the privacy as the lighter colored threads reflect the light better making it very hard to see in from outside. We  offer the same screen weaves for solar barriers for windows of any size. Reduce the heat transfer by 80% and UV damage by 90%

 The best part, no matter which weave or color you choose,

you can see out.

Picket Railing built into Panels

When railing is called for by Codes or Child protection we simply build the picket railing into the prefabricated panels. This not only saves you money , but saves you space. the installation of the picket screened panels is the same as the panels without pickets. So no added installation efforts or time needed.


If you currently have railing that needs replacement..DON't just replace them -- let us install the pickets in the screen panels. Since the pickets are the same powder coated extruded aluminum they match perfectly and like the screen frames do not require maintenance!


Custom Railings also available made

 to fit in the prefab screened panels




We can provide Panels in almost any size and almost any shape.

 If panels are over 7'8" in Height or Width we will need to make the panel in Two Sections with a divider 2" or 3" wide. 

Our doors can be up to 108" High and up to 44" wide without any push bars or Kick Plates.

 That can even be French doors.

 @We have Provided Bar Type Sliding doors with very special order; high grade handles and overhead rails and support rollers. 

To provide this type or door there will need to be enough space to roll the door open the same width as the Barn Style door. 

windows, patios & decks

Golf Course front properties are very desirable, but can be Dangerous and Costly.

  Hard to sit on the patio or deck when a golf ball may come flying your way.  Often homes on the course have windows that need replacement after replacement. Unless you have very expensive shatter proof windows a golf ball will break the glass.

  GPSi has developed a simple window covering solution that wil keep the golf balls from breaking the glass and the balls from landing in your house. Our window protectors also are insect screens so you get two for one!

  They are designed so they fit outside the existing window frame and have easy bolt retainers that can be removed for washing the screens or windows. We can custom fabricate the golf ball barriers to fit any size or shape window or glass door. Sun Barrier Screen also are Golf Ball Proof

GPSI makes Patio, Deck and Pool  enclosures

that are Golf Ball Proof

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