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 Our Customers get  the knowledge that GPSI has 

15years in custom fabrication of  

Protective Screens & Barrier Systems

Nationally &  5 Countries



After Thousands of Custom Prefabricated Screened Panels & Attached 

as well as  stand alone enclosures our customers are still enjoying

our very first screened projects.

Every Project comes with Detailed Instructions, all Screws, Bolts, Tapcons connectors ..whatever is necessary for your screening to be installed.

We leave Noting out!

We secure pack and Palletize our shipments and send direct

to your home or job site.

Our Screen is the Strongest  in the WORLD and protects from 

Mosquitos, Bees and Wasps

Crawling and Slithering Critters

Snakes and Scorpions

Harmful UV Rays with Solar Screen up to 95%

Keeps Out Leaves, Dirt & Debris Barrier


No Maintenence

10 Year Screen Warranty


Some of our ADDED Benefits & Uses include

Fabricated to fit exactly

Measurement Forms with Instructions

Continuous communication with project staff

Pre Drilled Easy & Fast Installations

Step by Step Instructions and Number parts

Detailed Drawings and Item Identifiers just for your project

USA Made Products & Materials 




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