Global Screen applications and most common uses


Homes, Schools, Universities, Goverment Buildings, Retail and Office Buildings, Military Facilities, Community Centers, Golf Clubs & Communities, Kennels, Animal Shelters, Animal Rescues,Condonimum and Apartmant Buildings, Developers, Contractors, Architects, Custom Home Builders, Horse Facilities, Garden and Grow Centers, Cat Shelters, UV Protection, Restaurants, Barrier fencing, Wind Protection, Outdoor Entertaining Areas (Day or Night), BBQ areas, Shade Systems, Weather Protections, Enclosing Older structures, Creating New Structures, Swimming Pools, Decks, Patios, Lanais, Gazebos & Arbors, Trellices, Hot Tub areas, Playground Protection, Historical Buildings, Multi-level building barriers from Dirt, Debris and Snow for open stairsways, landings and common floor areas. Parking Garage Openings. Ability to Advertise or use Decorative pictures with permanent printing on screens. Commercial Air Handler barrier system, Commercial Chiller unit barriers, Water Purification Protective building barriers, Office Bulding Interrior and Exterrior Solar Reduction Systems.

Best of all there are no limitations to uses or needs. The GPSI  systems can be adapted to fit requests and requirementrs Worldwide