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Golf Ball Protection for Windows and Patios :  Living on a golf course is beautiful , but can be very hazardous !
You can have costly repairs and replacements to windows from stray Golf Balls. Most people think that if they have impact windows they are protected. Yes they are and NO they are not. The glass will shatter like a auto glass and not allow the ball to be projected inside the home. However the window will need to be replaced. We often hear about windows being replace 3 and 4 times before they get our protective screens.
Then NO MORE Broken Windows.
 Golf Ball protection for open decks are needed, they can be dangerous!
Several customers have told us horror stories about how golf balls landed between people enjoying the outside and One had actually gotten hit in the head and wound up in the hospital.
How Often do your windows get broken ....
We can save your glass and your wallet ! 
Enjoy living on the Golf Course like you intended!
We will protect your outdoor lifestyle & Your Home. 
We have had such a large increase in the need for Golf Ball window protection we have formed a
NEW Division and NEW Window Protective Screen Systems.
Our New systemshave been engineered for long lasting No maintenance, easy install applications.
 .. you get the insect protection too!  (click to enlarge & show more to see the full gallery)

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