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Custom Screen Solutions for all Homes & Any Size of project

GPSI Started as a residential Screen Enclosure provider in SW Floridas Gulf Coast. As the area and the size of home grew to epic proportions, we wanted to be able to provide those large custom homes a Screen enclosure like no other. We went to great lengths to design and engineer every enclosure to fit the home's design and visual aspects from inside the enclosure so owners and guests didn't feel like they were in a CAGE! The outside appearance was equally important so it didn't look like a big box hanging on the home.

Along the way the first thing we discovered was how to build most of these very unique enclosures in the shop ready to be installed by certified contractors. The second most important thing we discovered was the Screen materials needed to span huge areas that were going to be exposed to potential hurricanes with flying debris, intense SUN RAYS with UV bombardments , Salt Air & Spray, Golf Ball impacts, and of course children and household pets. This screen had to be SUPER! So we worked with one of the largest outdoor furniture textile manufactures TWITCHELL, to help create a NEW Textile called SUPER SCREEN. It turned out better than anyone expected and is the only screen on the market with a 10 year warranty. After 10 years we have not had a single screen failure or even any customers telling us the screen has faded, gotten weak, or was ready to be replaced...NO RECALLS! NO REPLACEMENTS! Now that's a screen! The third thing we discovered was the ability of the screen and our engineered aluminum frames to hold up to about any climate and any weather conditions anywhere in the world. Many of our FL customers remarked how they needed a screen enclosure at home. So Global Prefab Screen Industries was born and started to fill those needs....12+ years ago!

 GPSI has provided screen enclosures for pools, patios, decks, screened panels, multi story apartments and condominiums, floating docks and boat houses, hotels, restaurants, parking garages, industrial and warehouse facilities, Schools, Military facilities,  Commercial Cooling & Chiller systems, Office Buildings, Solar Protection and Wind Barriers, Material Protection and industrial department dividers, Growing facility & commercial Fish Farm Protection,  and  Playground privacy screen walls or shade coverings. GPSI uses state of the art textiles and specially extruded aluminum unlike any other company in the world. Our experience and unique materials give us the ability to custom design, engineer, fabricate and ship prefabricated enclosures of every type, size and shape to fulfill whatever our customers dream up.

GPSI is the #1 Global Screen Enclosures Company with satisfied customers in 48 US States and 5 additional Countries and islands.

Residential Enclosures

GPSI has been providing enclosures Nationally and Internationally, in all sizes and shapes, for more then 12 years. Our designers are creative and we all think outside the box. That's why many Architects and Custom Home Builders ask us for ideas.  GPSI designs are made to fit customers desires while enhancing the overall designs. We care about the finished look and having our enclosures add to property values.  Many of these same professionals become customers after they see what we provided to their clients. Whether it be a covered patio needing screen panels or a property needing to greatly reduce the Suns rays our systems do it all.

A SCREENING SYSTEM  added to any property, creating a new useable space, Offers far more than it costs.

With a screened enclosure your use can be  day or night at a fraction of the cost of normal construction.  When selling the property the screen enclosure not only adds to the selling price, but customers will choose your home over one without a screen enclosure 3 to 1.

Our enclosures are Animal Tear Proof so your family pet is safe and you no longer have to chase them around the neighborhood. Children have a Safe play area with 30% UV protection with No biting insects.

When entertaining ask your guests if they would prefer to sit in the Living or family room or On Your Screen Patio.

(keeps the house cleaner too)

Uses are endless and so are your choices

Multi Famialy Applications

Multi Unit complexes often have open stairwells, landings and hall ways.

  The maintenance from air born debris and trash blowing in, as well as Rain, Snow and High Winds all add to residents discomfort.  keeping these areas clean, is a problem.

All this adds up to cost. In many areas if the rain, snow and ice can enter theses area.  Often this makes insurance rates much higher.  Level of occupancy can often be lower because of these elements. Added benefits are the Insect barriers from Mosquitos, Nat's, Fly's and Crawly things.

  The GPSI screen barrier covering the huge openings almost eliminates all those problems while reducing insurance rates. Occupancy increases and most likely Leasing Rates increase.

Property Investors, owners and managers will find their properties being chosen over complexes without the screens. If you have a choice of a complex with the GPSI screening or one without...Which would You chose?


With all the benefit, less maintenance staff needed.


  The screens can be pressure washed if necessary and will always maintain their clear viewing and protective qualities.

  There are many Commercial application for reduction in Solar Rays, Golf Ball protection, Improved use of pools and clubs, Restaurant outdoor areas.

Parking Garage opening using our Privacy Screen barriers (can be colors or even printed images or logos)These large openings  can now be a plus adding security, lowering maintenance, Improving property appeal and along with property values.

 The uses and textiles we have available are endless and so are the applications and Ideas to make your property stand and be highly desired.

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