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About Us, Our Mission & Qualifications

Who is GPSI


Global Prefab Screen Industries was created in 2002 to provide screen enclosures to customers worldwide.  After providing hundreds of screen enclosures to homes in SW Florida, we found that many of the customers were winter or part time residents with homes in other places. Often we would hear how they can't get Florida type enclosures where they live.. they have bugs there too!

The problem was No One knew how to build enclosures with our aluminum and gethigh strength screening to be able offer larger openings, be weather proof and be maintenance free. 

Frankly local contractors just didn't know how to build them or where to get the materials. The last part of the equation was the enclosures had to stand up to much different elements that mother nature would throw at them, not elements in SW Florida.


The larger GPSI Enclosures (like most pool coverings) need to be engineered for spans, and or SNOW loads as well as High WINDS. This engineering has been provided by third party engineers and or architects. GPSI works closely with these professionals and customers to supply any information and experience so the finished result what the customers want.


GPSI has a number of professional firms we have worked with in the past to provide the required designs and caculations. We always reccomend that customers check to see what local codes apply to the type of enclosure they are seeking. Some states or areas require state certified Engineer stamping of designs. We can have engineering firms with prior screen enclosure experience colaborate with your local certified Engineering firm(s) 

For the most part our pre-screened panels are barriers for hail, blowing debris, animal tear proof and golf ball proof,  capable of meeting the challenges faced by homeowners and contractors alike.


Additionally standard screen and wood framing materials are not able to stand up to all the different climates. Many with rapid or extreme changes.


GPSI set it's goals to put together all the components that are necessary and find materials that will fit all the requirements. We have to think way outside the box and look to materials that may have been developed for military, government or industrial use. This took a few years and in some cases we had to assist manufactures with developing new products. Next was to develop a method of  design and fabrication capable of meeting requirements for strength, easy assembly , easy installation and reliability. Then logistically how to provide these enclosures of all sizes not only to the US but Worldwide.


GPSI went a step further making sure the finished projects are aesthetically pleasing and an enhancement to the property and its value.


Having accomplished all these goals GPSI continues expanding their capabilities with use of state of the art materials, engineering & creative designs while adding to our product lineup.


GPSI now offers Prefabricated Panels, Complete Prefab Enclosures,

KD - Pre Cut - Kits or just the required lengths of aluminum and project sized screening materials needed for any job in any location. We will assist in designs and can offer CAD services as well.


Our Mission

Our mission from the start has been servicing customers' ideas and desires by providing high quality materials with very low maintenance.  From the start we learned to listen to our customers telling us what they wanted. From their request, no matter how unusual, we found a way to provide what they wanted. This has allowed GPSI to expand our markets and capabilities. The GPSI team is constantly coming up with ideas to fulfill customer requests.


GPSI's ongoing mission is to develop Prefabricated enclosures with presecreened panels as large as 90" X 144". They are Custom made to fit the exact openings and easy to install with all the necessary screws included. Providing theses panels makes the system less costly with the ability for handy homeowner to install. We work closely with contractors as well. The greatly shortened contractor installation time again helps homeowners save money.

GPSI now has a number of products designed to be customer friendly while striving to save customers money. We do this without having to sacrifice the quality of products and materials or workmanship.   In addition our long term warranties and No Maintenance screening systems keep on saving our customers year after year. GPSI has customers with screened systems that have been through just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them and lots of family and pet use without maintenance or repairs for more than 12 years. GPSI provides projects to DIY Homeowners, Contractors, Builders and Architects.  Besides all the necessary elements we strive to make the finished project BEAUTIFUL too.


Our Materials & Capabilities

GPSI has always been ahead of any competition with state of the art extrusions, textiles, creative designs and ability to provide projects of any size to anywhere in the world.

GPSI started with the biggest advancement in the screening industry in more than 40 years. That development was the creation of Twitchell Super Screen!  Now Twitchell has a very broad line of woven screens we prefer to qualify as Textiles. All of these products make it possible to offer enclosures to any climate with any load conditions. The line up now covers from Insect protection, Golfball Barrier, Animal tear proof, solar block from 80% to 90% and now the new NANO 95% . A great variety of colors and sizes to choose from makes the possibilities even broader. Combined with these products GPSI offers other High Strength textiles and Vinyl's, many of which are weather proof. With our extruded aluminum GPSI has incorporated into designs offers  no boundaries in types of projects. 

GPSI has provided custom projects to Residential , Industrial, Commercial, and Government. These projects have been shipped to 50 states and 6 countries. GPSI has been able to push the envelope in designs and sizes of single openings that even impress US!


Projects Provided:    Prefabricated Screened Panels for Covered Patios, full Deck Enclosures, Pool Enclosures ,Screened barriers for open areas of Mid Rise Condominiums & Apartment complexes, Distributor storage yard for material protection,  Industrial department Barriers, Industrial large doorway opening barriers, Equine & Pet housing protections and barriers, Floating Dock Enclosures, Boathouse Additions and protective systems,, Solar & Debris barriers for Parking Garages and the ability to offer Printed Graphics for advertising or visual effects.

Custom powder coatings of any color and Patented WOOD Tones with Grains are available to further enhance the finished look and style.


 We know these should be ONETIME projects, so we do our best to assure the longevity of every  project.


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