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Super Screen Story

Well we did it and the test screen far exceeded or best expectations. It was so unbelievable better we decided to call it SUPER SCREEN

We found it would stand up to Hurricane winds and Heavy Snows, Cats, Dogs, Salt Air & Golf Balls

It has more then a 800 LB load per sq ft.

After all the years form it start we have never had a Super Screen need replacing because its worn out , dried out, brittle or ripping. Best of all it has 100% memory so it keeps tightening itself year after year. NO MAINTENANCE

WE offer the ONLY Screen with a UNCONDITIONAL 10 YEAR WARRANTY !

Not only that But we have the Strongest and greatest color options for Solar Reduction Screens. We can Block for 80% to 95% of that Hot Sun while still offering Visual Capabilities from inside looking out. Some of our customers love the fact that it also add a great deal of Privacy to the home or patios


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