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 About our materials 

Our Screening is actually a highly developed Textile Mesh, it's not screen at all ! The fabric utilizes an extrusion-coated polyester core yarn which extends the life 10 years or more.

In fact the screen is so strong it is GOLF Ball Proof, Animal tear proof and can hold over 800 LBS. Per Sq Ft. There is no other screen in the world like it! It is called SUPER SCREEN because just like Superman it is almost Indestructible! 

The screen has memory (much like fishing line) and when correctly installed in the engineered aluminum framing (Designed for our screen), it continues to pull itself tight year after year. Therefore it never gets wavy or loose with age. It will not fade or become shinny. Plants inside the screened areas LOVE our Screen!

What is the Difference in Grades or Weaves? All of our screen and Textile products are the TOP of the grade charts. We refuse to use lesser products that we know, through testing, will have maintenance and or replacement issues in a very short time. We know our customers want to do their project only once. We make sure our products will live up to customers expectations. The weaves are the amount of core threads and the amount of weaves per square inch. This determines how much open area and the visual characteristics. Our standard Global Super Insect Screen that we reccomend is a 17 / 20 weave. This screen offers optimum visual ability and keeps the tiniest bugs out. The added fearture of this screen is its 30% UV block so it actually enhances the colors when looking out. Why? Because it cuts the glairing UV rays and allows you to see all the natural colors.  The Insect screen comes in a Charcoal color and this color offers the best visual, air flow and UV protections.

What are Solar Screens? They are tighter weaves with more Core threads and more Weaves per sq. inch. This allows you to get great reduction in the amount of sun light and reduces those harmful UV Rays. As an added feature the solar screens will reduce hot and cold transfers. This means you may get as much as a 20 Degree difference in inside temperatures. The Global Solar screening also allows those people that need Solar UV protection because of skin cancer to enjoy the daytime and outdoors again. The solar screens will reduce visual ability and air flow because of their tighter weaves and increased core threads. Our Solar Screen block goes from 80% all the way to 95% and now with the NEW Global NANO 95,  which is the highest tech weave, yet offering much greater visual ability. All the solar screens come in a wide range of colors offering the ability to enhance your color schemes and brighten the area.

What about PRIVACY? One added feature to the Global Solar Screen is the lighter colors tend to reflect the sun light causing them to bounce off and as it is darker inside the ability to see inside from outside is greatly reduced to almost 0%. The tighter  the weave (80% - 95%) the more reduced the ouside visual becomes. GPSI offer these Privacy Screens in prefabricated fixed screen panels to fit the size you need.  NOW we offer slide curtains that are suspended by an extruded aluminum track with Nylon & Stainless Steel Roller Hangers. They allow the curtains to be pulled open or closed with ease and no special tools or motors needed. The curtains are affordable and easy to install. We pride ourselves on making ALL our finished projects able to be installed in Hours and Not Days. GPSI Privacy and Solar Barrier Slide Curtains !

What Holds the Screen? The old methods of staples, nails and trim wood is no longer needed. The annual maintenance of this system is no longer needed. The real secret is the specially designed Spline & Spline Groove in the aluminum profiles from 1" x 2" all the way to 2" x 10". The spline and groove will hold the Global Super Screen & textiles TIGHT year after year. GPSI offers state of the art, highly engineered Extruded Aluminum frames and supports that pound for pound are 10 times stronger than steel! The Aluminum is a mixture of alloys that are light weight, very strong when installed, long life without corrosion and have Powder Coated surfaces.


You save money and time...that means you get to enjoy your enclosure !

In addition, the aluminum frames are engineered to hold our finished panels in wind loads up to 200 MPH. The spline is rubber designed not to dry out quickly, harden or become brittle so it lasts as long as the screen.  We know that's a 10 year minimum time! Our standard Colors are Bronze (Dark Brown) and White.  GPSI knows that our customers may want special frame colors to match or accent their property. We offer customers the choice of custom Powder Coated Colors. In fact ,GPSI offers a Patented WOOD graining with choice of wood types and Color/Tone options. You will never know its not wood!

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