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WE know you will not believe this But,

you will never have more then 5% waste, ever again, when you use our Zero Loss hay feeders.

  When they pull out hay and some drops, it falls under the feeder. They don't step ont it.

  When they go back for more their natural feeding tells them to go to the ground and eat the hay they just dropped.

  Next bite they pull hay between the bars or over the ends and again the same steps. All this greatly slows their feeding rate which is great for their digestion.

   The bottom of the hay basket has Super Screen mesh and allows the hay seeds( the sweetest part) to filter through so they find they can go under the feeder and scoop up the seeds. Bottom line is because of the overall design they never have lost hay again.

  In our testing and trials we found that we could move the feeders every other week and not destroy any area. In fact the prior area grew fantastic new grass very quickly.

 We decided to test the loss of hay rate, so we let the feeder stay in one location for 50 bales of use. We had less than a handful of hay scraps to pick up.


The cost of our feeders will pay for themselves in months not years!


We can make any size feeder to fit Mini's and all the way to drafts. The design is exactly the same..its just the overall dimensions and leg sizes that change.


 Tell us the size of your horses and we make them to fit.


 Your No Cost options:

  • COLORS of frame

  • COLOR of roof textile (weather proof)

  • Wood Grained Patented Powder Coating (20 yr warranty)***Added Charge

  • Number of bales you want the basket to hold (Our average size holds 2 square bales) Larger baskets are additional



GPSi has been developing and testing (WITH REAL HORSES) the hay feeders for 7 years. The feeders NOW being offered are a result of all that work, trial and error, design and redesign.

   We have personally used them all that time and tried every prototype & model to make sure they work.  Whats more we have saved a fortune because we have to purchase much less hay.

   On a daily basis we now put out 1/2 of the hay we used to.  Why?

   Because they never waste any!

   They were gaining weight.

  What's more is there is no mess to clean up or pile of old smelly and bug infested hay we have to put into a pile and wait for it to rot for compost.


Thats like taking YOUR $$$ and throwing it on the ground, stomping it into the ground, letting it rain or snow on it and then spend hours piling it up to compost...MY MONEY...No WaY!


We found many added side excessive bugs, no mildew hay, no sand or dirt ingested, reduced much slower feeding rate, happier horses and horse owner..we now get to watch them eat and SMILE...We get to enjoy more time with the horses since we don't have to clean up that mess.

Horses love us hanging out with them at the feeders

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