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GPSI has developed a entire line of Horse Items. We are horse owners and figured out there were better ways to do things and have happier horses. You know what they say "A happy horse = A happy owner!"

Our goal is to find ways to use the high quality materials and state of the art textiles we use every day in our core business. (Global Prefab Screen industries)

Apply our knowledge along with our design capabilities to build products that would save money, time and have healther and happier horses. Well after 5 years of designs , trials and errors and the test of HORSES! We got it right!


Currently we offer:

* Barns that can be put up in 9 hours or less and don't require footers or permits.

* Hay feeders that can be moved and have less than 2% loss

* Scratchen strips that can be installed on any item and be moved or sized

* Run In / Stall Barns with Feed bins and Hay storage - Aluminum & Textile

* 10' x 20' or 20' x 20' Barns - Aluminum & Textile


More Pictures of Run In Barns CLICK HERE



We offer Square Bale feeders from MINI to DRAFT Height holding1 to 4 Bales.

   Horses find the hay and pull thru the bars or over the ends. The hay that drops is under the feeder.  They don't step on the hay they drop so they eat it. They can get to the very last bit and can get the seeds from the ground that have filtered down through the screen bottom.


The feeders can be moved so no big holes or worn spots where they are feeding every day.


The feeders are off the ground and covered so the hay stays fresher and dry.



More Hay Feeder Pictures CLICK HERE

Mini Feeder

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