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Horse Scratchen Strips.. SAVE YOUR HORSE & MONEY today 


 Retail Price of $28.95 plus postage   - NOW  - You only pay $19.95 Icludes postageg


Scratchen Strips Protect your horse from cuts, hair loss, drastic rub spots, open sours, injuries boredom and most of all releave the Frustrations ...for you and the horse! 

No more expensive medications or vet calls


Scratchen strips are a woven flexable mesh made of polyster core threads tightly woven in a square pattern and then get an extruded vinyl coating. Your strips come in three sizes 6" x 12" & 12" x 24" and 24" x 48" (One of each size per pack) ***Maximum of TWO (2) orders per person or Company***

Thats a total of 28 Square Feet of Scratchen Strips. Your FREE packet comes in Mixed Colors.

Color mix may contain Black, Tan, light and dark blue, green, brown, Ivory/tan mixed and brown

Mounting Hardware: 30 pcs.  1"  Smooth Hex Head Mounting screws also included.


Simpley cover the horses favorite rubbing & itching locations with the woven mesh. Cut the mesh to size of the scratchen area with sizzors and screw the sides of the mesh into the tree, fence post. stall , gate, fence board, or any object they seem to find. Wrap the mesh so it goes past the rubbing area, then screw in place.

 A cordless drill with a 1/4 hex driver will make installing the screws easy.

 The best part the mesh No Harmful chemicles, No Feed Supplements, You SAVE $$ and the mesh doesn't wear out , fade, mildew, get brittle, disintegrate or hurt the environment. The screws will not damage the trees and because of the smooth hex heads they don't scratch the horse either.


Why did we come up with this solution? We have horses in a tropical climate and we know how difficult the scratching problem can be. We don't like spraying chemicals all over their body or adding all types of supplements to their food.

Thats very expensive and just doesn't seem to completely solve the problem.  We don't have show horses, but we don't like to see the horses suffer and having to treat the sores and bald spots....Horses scratch because thats mother natures answers for bug bites, winter hair and spring shedding. Todays horses don't roam for miles so they also get board in their smaller spaces. Rubbing is a form of release and joy for them. Lets help them enjoy their areas


We had an idea that since we use the Woven Mesh and textile products in our business we take the high quality mesh screw some to the trees and fence posts where they scratched. It WORKED!  So we are sharing our horses JOY!!!

Now our horses love those spots, and so do we. as we went along weadd mesh to other locations and larger pieces of mesh. We covered areas they didn't normally scratch. We found they go there for FUN and rub their entire bodies. Its really fun to watch the amazing  different contortions they are able to do. (never knew a horse could bend and move like that)

They walk away seeming to have a smile on their face.


Instructions with pictures are included with each FREE Scratchen strips package


 FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to order your scratchers  

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