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HORSE Products -by gpsi 

We make them so horses can be horses

EQUINE PRODUCTS Click Here for more info

GPSI Horse products have been in development and use for more then 5 years. The principals of GPSI are horse owners and realized the need for several innovative and cost effective products that were Not Available from equine product providers.

  • Portable Hay Feeders

  • Easy Up (1 Day) Barns - No footers needed (Run Ins, Mini Size and Full Size Barns)

  • Barn Screens for Insect barriers and Solar reductions

  • Scratchen strips for all horse Properties- make any size you need

Hay feeding  is expensive and typically horses stomp on, push around, and throw around the ground 15% - 30% of the hay given to them. Not only is this a huge waste of money on an annual basis, this adds lots of clean up time. Get back your quality time of just enjoying your horse. ZERO hay feeders for square and round bales, is the answer. The great feature of the Round Bale feeder is having the feed store load the bale in your truck and when you get home just roll the 1400 lb bale directly into the feeder. No Tractor needed! ONE Person can easily roll the bale over the feeder gate into the hay bin, close the gate and your done. Then look forward to NO Big Clean up and horses get to eat all the hay.

ZerOloss Hay Feeder  Click Here for Pics

OUR feeders like no others and designed to be portable easy to assembel light weight while slowing the eating rate and allowing multiple horses to feed at the same time. If some want to squabble over the hay, the others simply walk around to the other sides. The feeders come with skid rails and tie down so when you want to move them simply lift one end and slide to the new locationn. This helps prevent warn out spots or larg hole at the feeding area. They also allow you to move from paddoct to paddoct with a partial unassembly and reassemble in min. at the new paddoct.The feeders are powder coated aluminum so no sharp edges, no maintenance, no repairing. The main assemblyies are bolted with special flat wide head stainless steel bolts into threaded inserts.  Change the feeder location also help keep the horses moving and no territories are created. The feeder roof is watwer proof and adds shade while the raised baskits allow air so not hay becomes moldy. This design allows for the horses to feed from the dropping as they are below the baskets so they do not walk on the hay. The normal eating is for the horse to have their heads down grazzing. With iur feeders they wil pull a more then a mouthfull and drop it on the ground at heir feet and eat it until its gone. The end result of all theses features means you nevr loose any hay. Price: $595.00  plus S & H (standard size) Warm Bulds Price: $745. Plus S &H

Best part there is Nothing To Clean UP and No Money Thrown On the ground! 


Mini Hay Feeders

 Our Mini feeders were tested and made to fit little guys and giirls and they love them. Best part they can feed easily with many of them at the same time. You can load several bails, so your only feeding a few times a week or less. Price: $495 Plus S&H


Scratching  Problems  Click Here for Pics

Horses Scratching is natural but a problem for any horse owner. We want some shade in our pastures and fenced in, But changing the type of fence or building a tree fence is expensive and you just added something else to scratch on. It is natural for the horses to scratch and trees have been their device for thousands of years. so GPSI offers

SCRATCHEN STRIPS as the modern solution to LETTING your horse Scratch on the trees. (or Fence Posts) Our Strips protect the horses and the trees, are very easy to install and will last many years. Best of all they come in colors too! Because we don't know the size of your horses or the size of the trees the scratchen strips come in long lengths and 3 different widths in one package. (5 Color Choices)

Your strips come in three sizes 6" x 12" & 12" x 24" & 24" x 48" (One of each size per pack) You can size the strips to each tree and locate the strip up or down making sure you get that perfect scratchen spot your horses love. If your horse finds a new scratchen spot simply add a strip or two to that spot.

  You will find the horses love the strips and the horse doesn't get sap, splinters, broken hair or scars. Our Scratchen Strips are made of a very heavy woven polytex product that will not fade, rot, or tear.  Best of all they are the lowest cost product of its kind on the market today and come complete with installation hardware. PRICE: $ 28.95 plus $9.95 S. & H.

EAZY-UP-BARNS  Click Here for Pics

are the replacements for RUN INS & Small Barns that usually are expensive, require footers or foundations, permitting, fixed locations and require contractors. All this is adds to the cost, time to get one installed and no abliity to move it if you want to. The EAZY-UP-BARNS are prefabricated modular units. They are high quality Aluminum alloy powder coated frames with Duratex Mesh side panels and AllWeaterMAX roofing textiles or Composites.

 EAZY-UP-BARNS were designed to be set on the ground and modular so they can be moved. The ability of a handy owner with one helper can complete the barn in 10 hours or less.The Run-Ins come in two sizes and have several options for colors and two side add ons. The TWO Stall Barns are 10' x 20' & expandable on three sides. More stalls can be added at any time. There are several add on options also available. Price Start at: $5,495 Plus S&H


Mini Eazy-Up-Barns 

GPSI Aluminum & Screen Barns designed for Mini animals. They are sized to fit them so they are not lost in huge surroundings and feel safer. Yet they are designed so humans can access and use the barns without difficulty. There are two styles for the Mini Eazy-Up-Barns.  One with perimeter stall access and the other with center Isle access. Best part is they are modular prefabed and can be installed in a day, can be moved, no foundation necessary. Color & add-ons also available. Price $3,495. Plus S&H


RUN IN Covertable Barns Click Here for Pics

They are pre-fabricated modular Convertable units that are Extruded Commercial grade aluminum framed and Screened Barns with a center divider. There are stall gates on each end (4 total) so when closed you can make One or Two Stalls. We have added an option of a feed storage bin on one side and a second option of a hay storage shed on the other. All are attached and have seperate access. The units do not require footers or concrete. The unit comes wired for either an electric extension cord or a direct wire for lights, fans, even a radio. The roof is a weather proof Textile as is the Hay Storage and the Feed Bin.

    The sides are a heavy gauge woven Equine mesh allowing air flow.  Horses can see out making them calmer and yet safe. They feel secure but with the ability to see the surroundings they can be on guard without being skitsy. They can come and go as they wish. we have found that once they have their Convertabe they want to use the barn to nap, sleep, rest, get out of the wind, rain, snow, every time. They are healther and Cleaner with the convertables, so your life and horse enjoyment is greater

     In summer the inside will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler and in winter it will be 10 to 20 degrees warmer.  We recommend rubber stall mats on the ground covering each stall area.  Horses love the ability to go in and out at will and tend to run in when storms occur.  In the heat of the day they can nap in the cooler inside. Yet when you need to control or restrain them Just Close the Gates. There are feed rails to hang a feed bucket with the options for water bucket brackets and  or hay bins. Best part they take a weekend or less to assemble and install. They can be moved if necessary.

Price Start at: $3.985. Plus S&H


BARN SCREENS for Insect and solar heat reductions and cold barriers

GPSI has a complete line of Custom Made to Fit screen options all designed for Equine Use and will stand up to any climate for many years withiut failure.The screens are Equine Grade and have a 10 year warranty


Some of the applications include stalls, windows, barn enterance or tie up areas 

  • They are Insect barriers and or protection from the Suns hot rays.

  • They are weatherproof and all are barriers for high winds, snow, ice, rain you name it.

  •  They come with your choice based on applications with  fixed frames or slide rails or grommets.

  • Custom tell us your needs and we design and custom fabricate the products that best fit the needs and at the most reasonable in costs.

  • Like most things there are many ways to accomplish a task or a finished product. We have tried them all on our own horses and barns before we offered them to customers. Our customers have found they work really well in fact they worked GREAT!

  • Price: Based on size of project


We know what it takes to make theses products work and how important saving money because everything about horses is expensive. Therefore we try hard to keep our pricing reasonable to keep everyone (including the horses) HAPPY! We ship direct to your locatoon and work with YOU every step to make sure what you get is actually what you need and want. Many colors available inwoven products and frames.


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