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4 Season use - DUEL Screen Systems - 2 in 1 with Remote Control

RETRACTABLE ROLL DOWN SCREENS may be the answer you're looking for ....

if you want areas open at times and the protection of a screen or a Clear Vinyl. Your can have any two combinations you want.

* Insect Screen Barriers * Solar Reductions or Privacy* Wind Barriers  * Blocking Out Rain and Snow 

All controlled with the touch of a button on your remote offering the ability to raise or lower 



We can even offer  systems that can be controlled from your Tablet of Phone.

HOW are our systems DIFFERENT?  

Typical Retractable /  Roll down systems have some problems... Wind being the biggest issue 

Traditionally these systems offer screens with zipper teeth on the sides of the screens.

The zipper teeth are used for holding the screen in the side rails /Tracks.

These systems work fine in very light winds and are less expensive.

However they blow out of the side guide rails with very little wind (4 to 15 mph)

This causes lots of maintenance, constant adjustments trying  to make them work as intended

They tend to get hung up or one side blown out of the side track, making them inoperable.

ASK any retractable your system rated for 40 mph winds.

ALL GPSI Retractable Down Units are High Wind and Strom Rated. (ABOVE 45 MPH) 

When every other system says to retract when a storm comes your way...we recommend you do the opposite.. 

Roll down your screens to help protect your porch and house.

They are Engineered to work in the worst of conditions....So if your away and there is a storm..No worries.


The best  innovation in many years is our DUEL systems.  There are TWO Retractable curtains in One Unit. They a share duel tracks The ONLY system that allows one or both to be operated seamlessly.

Having a party and it startrs to problem drop down the Clear curtains to any level even with the screens down or up.

Cold winds ort Snow...NO Problem with your Clear Vinyl Curtains your options are it's useable All Year Long..


OUR Roll Down systems are Custom  Manufactured  to fit your needs...They can be the answer to Solve unusual needs.


GPSI Roll Down systems use the latest materials combined with State of the Art engineering built in along quality workmanship. 

Our systems are engineered to use your choice of curtain materials and colors


The GPSI SINGLE Crtain or DUEL Curtain Retractable Screen system offers choices of;

  • Insect Super Screen 17/17 weave

  • Solar Screen 80%,  95% Nano

  • Solid Crystal  Clear Vinyl 54" wide window panels or multi pain style

  • All our curtain materials are rated from 155 degrees Above to -40 degrees Below

  • Hurricane Retractable Mega Screen also available (can be 1/2 of a duel system)

  • Protect your home, patio, outdoor furniture  or cooking area

  • UV protected textiles and screens

  • Hidden full retractable Weight Bar into housing

  • High Wind rated  & Adjustable tensioning rails keeps the curtains taught at all times

  • Welded  screen sides for non tearing when inserted into the rails....No stitching to rot

  • Reduced Roller housing sizes Face Mount or Cavity (hidden mount)

  • Units Sizes to fit openings up to 14' High and 24' wide

  • Up to 20 channel remotes & wireless wall switches

  • Housing & Track colors : Tan, Black, Bronze & White standard, but any custom  color is available


**** Greatest ADVANCEMENT ****


any TWO of the screens, textiles, Vinyls, or aluminum roll shutters back to back in one complete system.  Double Coverage provides barrier and protective systems at the same time.


They work independently so any combination of up or down of either material, is your choice

 All controlled by the hand held remote or wall switch

You can now be Protected all year regardless of seasons or  weather conditions

You can have the screens down and it starts to rain..simply lower the clear curtains, the weather turns cold and you want to block the wind,,roll down the Clear Curtains or Solar...The sun rays are too hot, blinding, distroying the furniture..down goes the solar block , but as the sun moves you can keep raising the solar screens.  


WHAT'S the Clear Vinyl Like?

A remarkably clear and scratch-resistant vinyl sheet, Commercial Grade Triple Polished performs well in boat curtain, automotive window, tent and awning applications, where perfection of clarity and lack of distortion are demanded.

This premium, flexible vinyl sheet resists scratching from handling, etching from industrial fallout and damaging effects from the sun's rays. Test results for the UV coating on the press-polished vinyl show up to 100‰ blockage of the harmful spectrum of UV-A/UV-B rays.


Restaurants can enjoy expanded outdoor dining areas with the ability to have two ways to enclose their areas.

Contact us about your roll down needs and how we can best fit the applications you desire for home, commercial or retail use.

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